Monday, June 22, 2009

Thanks To A Blind Man, I Can See A Little More Clearly

When I went to the laundry room today, I did what I normally do. I put my laundry in my truck and drove over to the building where the laundry room is and parked at the end of the sidewalk and took my stuff in to wash it. Then I left and ran a few errands and went back to put my stuff in the dryer. When it was time to pull the stuff out, I once again drove over there and parked right on the end of the sidewalk so it wouldn’t be far to carry it. Since I only get the chance to do laundry every couple of weeks there’s quite a bit and it’s pretty heavy.

At the end of the sidewalk where it meets the street are the diagonal painted lines indicating not to park there. I’ve always ignored it since there’s no ramp and that entrance isn’t wheelchair accessible. Let me first say I’ve learned my lesson and will never park there again.

As I was folding my clothes a blind man came in and it was obvious he was upset. As soon as he heard me he justifiably let me have it. Thanks to my truck he had a lot of trouble finding the sidewalk. Honestly, considering how upset he was I was surprised he kept his calm so well. I’m not sure I’d have been so nice. Anyhow, after he finished loading his clothes in the washer (and calmed down some) he explained the situation to me and asked me not to park there anymore.

I’ve not been so embarrassed at my inconsideration in a really long time and the more I think about it, the more I realize that there’s probably been dozens of times I should’ve been equally embarrassed but those around me were too kind to say anything. If you’re one of those people, I apologize.

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