Thursday, April 26, 2007

End of a Season, Beginning of a New

My semester is now over. Well, almost over anyhow. Art 101 - finished. I managed to finish all the drawings I needed 2am the night before, like a true freshman.I'll post a few of my drawings here once I get them back and can shoot them with my new digital camera. Only one English class to go and I'm done for the summer.

I went ahead and declared art as my major, and I'm planning on doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts - Media. What that basically means is a lot of photography and cinematography classes. I cant wait! I'm so impressed by so many photographers out there I cant even mention them. I hope I can learn enough to hold my own. If not I guess I can go to work at Olan Mills studios ha ha.

It feels funny being in school again at 40, but any chance to learn more should be grabbed onto with both hands. My job pays for 3 classes a semester and who am I to argue? To not take them up on it is like a pay cut. I generally only take 2; more than that tends to cut into my free time too much.

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