Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh, No!

Well, I saw the doctor recently and found out I'm diabetic. I wasn't really surprised as I've been letting my weight go every since I got out of the military in '96. What did surprise me was how nonchalant the doctor was about it. It was almost like he said "yep, its a hang nail". This sounds odd but I now actually have a reason to be thankful to have been with my ex-wife (she had type 1 diabetes which is much worse). Being with her taught me pretty much everything I needed to know as a new diabetic.
I'm still learning of course, its been 13 years since we were together and there's been some pretty great strides in the realm of diabetes in terms of both the blood meters and diets. Fortunately though what I already knew has allowed me to get my blood sugar under control quickly so now I can concentrate more on losing weight and hopefully coming off the pills at some point (I hope).

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